Two Trains

At the end of May, I ran a similar post from this wedding. It was also taken on the MAX station platform… at the time, I thought I liked it better. Turns out that this one suits me best. Mary Beth and Patrick wanted to do some of their wedding portraits with the train running in the background so we did several as the the train pulled in… then, as we were congratulating ourselves for getting what we wanted, we heard a second train coming into the other side! We raced around to catch that one and I got to see it differently… the kiss becomes the thing and the train plays the dramatic background… much better.

1 thought on “Two Trains

  1. Randy Kepple

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this image! Every time I see it, I’m stopped in my tracks (pun intended)! I would love to see this image printed HUGE and hanging on a wall somewhere. It’s perfect in nearly every way possible. Stunning capture my friend!

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