I had a teacher once… Keith Carter said “Perfection will paralyze you.” He made it possible for me to let go the technical perfection so that the mood of a moment could come through. There is a beauty in the imperfections. The Japanese have a term for it… Wabi-sabi. I have many parts of this 90 minute wedding Mass that are on the tripod and technically complete, but this little hand held, challenged piece really works for me.

Two notes of interest: the shift in focus comes from one of Lensbaby’s newest optics… I was using their Tilt Transformer on my Olympus. It is a lovely little combo!

And, out of this frame, the author and anchor of this Mass is Father Matthew Munoz… a friend of the family up from California… happens to be the grandson of John Wayne. ;0)

2 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Ted Mishima

    I am aware of both Keith Carter and wabi-sabi. I had no idea you studied under Mr. Carter. I really love his work. I’ve got a few books on wabi sabi if you would like to borrow them.

    With digital removing all the rough edges out of photos, it is nice to see you bring back the spirit of what photography used to be. Perfection is way over rated…

  2. admin Post author

    Perfection is an awful lot like Botox… especially since digital showed up. I miss the organic feel that we had with film.
    Keith Carter is a phenomenal teacher… a very full human being! He got me when my Hasselblad was new enough to intimidate me… his workshop was so freeing! He comes to Seattle quite often and always offers a fine lecture if you have a chance.
    Wabi sabi is a new term in my world and I am interested in exploring it… would love to borrow your books.

    Thanks so much for talking back!

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