So many cranes… it was all bigger than I expected. We walked from Wall Street over to the windy construction site… big enough that you can’t really see across it very well. Caught in the steady traffic of the walking rush hour, we worked our way over to The Winter Garden where there is a place you can look into the site. Couldn’t get past the inner images of the way the streets must have looked that day.

Today, they are dedicating a more beautiful space to so many people… I wonder if we will ever heal.

1 thought on “Witness

  1. Randy

    Wow… I’m literally speechless. These are truly spectacular. Such a unique perspective and a wonderful sensibility for capturing something different in the midst of the every day.

    All three of these are wonderful. My absolute favorite is the last image, the second fav is the middle one and the first image is my third choice. All are wanting to be printed and hung on my wall… 🙂

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